Work Group on Patent Judicature in Germany e. V.
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The Work Group on Patent Judicature in Germany e. V.

provides English translations of decisions of the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof – BGH) in patent disputes and important decisions of lower courts in an online data base, by making available translations originally commissioned for the parties and obtained with their consent.

Translation that cannot be obtained from the parties have to be produced and paid for by the association. In order to meet these costs and to make possible the continued availability of the website and the data base, the association relied on contribution by its members.

The admission fee for individual members (natural persons) is a one-off payment of EUR 1,000.
The annual fee for individual members is EUR 200.

For corporate members (legal entities, associations, partnerships, etc.) the admission fee is EUR 3,000. For corporate members the annual fee is EUR 600.

The fee are subject to change by resolution of the general assembly.

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Hereby, I apply for membership in the Work Group on Patent Judicature in Germany e.V. (Arbeitskreis Patentgerichtswesen in Deutschland e.V.)

(individual members: admission fee EUR 1,000 (one-off payment); annual fee EUR 200/year)
(corporate members: admission fee EUR 3,000 (one-off payment); annual fee EUR 600/year)

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